Walk in Fort Kochi

The streets of Fort Kochi, to be fully savoured, must be enjoyed on foot. Saint Francis Church was chosen as the point where the walk would commence. A tiny board en route the church opened up the possibility of hiring a motor-cycle to explore Fort Kochi. Decided to keep the walking for another day and use the two-wheeler.

Went back to the street where the board was clearly written with all details. Yamaha, Honda and Enfield bikes were available on rental together with bicycles. Enfield came with two options: 350cc and 500cc.

Walked up the single flight of wooden stairs where a middle-aged lady greeted with a smile. I am his Mother, said she. The lady called someone on the phone and then handed the receiver to me, gesturing to speak on. It was Ashraf. Yes, the bike is available, Ashraf confirmed. He politely asked the hirer to wait for a few minutes.

While awaiting Ashraf to finalise the deal for rental, a hot cup of coffee was ordered. Three other tourists from Europe were in the hall enjoying beverages, probably tea. The seats made on the wall next to the window facing the street provided ample privacy to the onlooker to sit and watch the street life for the whole day.

The unmistakable note of the bike could be heard from afar. All the person wanted is the Indian driving license. Kick-starting os old fashioned, it seems. The bike had an ignition switch. Enfield has done away with decompression lever and the battery key. Gear lever and brake positions were switched.

Exploration begins…

Vasco House, Fort Kochi Vasco house, located on Rose Street, is believed to be one of the oldest Portuguese houses in India. Vasco da Gama is believed to have lived here. This house features European glass paned windows and verandahs.


A random drive through the many charming street with old European style architecture among some of the streets…



One of the earliest streets of the area, this road has European style residences on both its sides. Located here is the Loafer’s Corner, the traditional hangout for the jovial and fun loving people of Kochi.










One more coffee and its time to wind up the ride… walk, that is.