Dainty White

Hibiscus flowers were a common sight on natural fences both sides of the winding paths leading to houses, mostly in villages. Those flowers were bright red. The shampoo made by the leaves and flowers of hibiscus plants were used by most to have a flowing, shiny hair. That was a time when organic shampoos were unheard of as we hear of them today.

White hibiscus was a rare sighting, though…




Jasmine is Yasmin (meaning: a gift from God) in Arabic, which is also a popular feminine name.

Mo Li Hua (Song of Jasmine) is a popular Chinese folk song which means The Jasmine Flower. This song was composed during the period of Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. This is a traditional Chinese song with a beautifully gentle and lyrical melody.

This song was sung by a Chinese girl at the closing ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens to introduce the next site and also sang during the awarding ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.