Lake meets the Sea

Veli Tourist village (8°30’33″N 76°53’21″E) , sandwiched between the Veli lagoon and the Arabian Sea in Thiruvananthapuram, is an ideal place to see the lake meeting the Arabian Sea. During monsoon season, the locals keep a close eye on the water level of the fresh water lake. As the level climbs, they are ready with showels to remove a tiny line of sea-sand that separates the sea from the lagoon away. Rest is taken care of by the huge sea waves and the rising waters of Veli lake. Imbibing in the colourful sunset from the floating restaurant maintained by the State Tourism Department should be the highlight of the trip.



The thin strip of land divides the lake and the sea, for most part of the year.
During the monsoon season in Kerala, India, water flowing down from the Western Ghats swells the lake up.
Local men take up the extreme step of making a channel between the lake and sea. The forces of nature take it up from there…