The sun was up above the distant horizon…
but it appeared as if
it had intruded
into a world
that wished
to embrace
their slumber.
For a few more moments;
nay, hours.
The photographer, who was up several hours before
soaked up the stillness of dawn
and the hush of the chill;
broken only by the wings of a lone bird
and the gentle gurgling of waves
that lapped the pebbled shore.
Finger on the shutter trigger
Wings and the waves
and the whole fragile serenity
wouldn’t they be gone
with the click…?

And thus a journey started
it ended in the other side,
west, we call it.
Subtleness of the hue intensified.
Flame dazzled in yellow, orange and red
with the sky giving her blue.
Birds flew back
to where they came from.
Less excited than they started with.
They, too, must be tired
as the photographer
who forgot his tiredness
when he remembered the serenity
the coming dawn.


The first photo was taken at Askar in the East and the second one somewhere in the Southern desert, facing West.


Tea by the backwaters

Vembanadu Lake in Kochi, India, never fail to fascinate. Watching vessels drifting in the green waters gave a kind of tranquility. Freightliners with containers stacked or even a fishing boat that is either going to the sea for the anticipated catch or returning after a long night in the cold. The smell of the sea on the face with occasional cries of the seagulls. One may prefer to wander along the coast. A better way would be to watch the waters enjoying a fresh lemonade or and hot masala chai (tea made with milk, sugar and spices like cardamom, fennel, pepper corns and cinnamon). In this case, choosing the hot beverage seemed to be the better option.