Would it rain tonight?

A photoblog with no photo.
Now that is a first.
All because…
Just because…
it rained, one day.
26N 50E.

Stubborn fingers swift over a virtual keyboard.
Clik.. clik clik… and so on.

Chapter 1
The World

Rain could make a mockery of humans by the nature in the desert.
Vast, beige-ish, arid place would have been a better term.
But then, everyone knows that there is more to that.
Much more.
Desert surrounded by the sea on all sides.
A sea below the sea?
Bahr (sea) thnain (two)
But this is not about sea.
This is about rain.


1. the condensed moisture of the atmosphere falling visibly in separate drops.

Chapter 2

A change in weather was written all over the grey sky since that Friday morning.
Friday=off day.
Clouds began to gather since late morning.
The dry earth had to wait patiently till late afternoon for the first drops.
Condensed moisture.
Visible separate drops.
Not a lashing rain with all its ferocity.
Something mild.
Consistently mild.
Moderate, isolated, scattered, et al in weatherman’s parlance.

Chapter 3
It Gets Real

Darker clouds.
Occasional thunder.
Rain falls.
Streaks form on glass windows of the apartment.
Air condenses within.
Daughter writes “Hi! rain..” and turns back to Android device.
no puddles.
Perfect drainage.

Chapter 4
Life and similar

The men who manually wash cars hopefully looked up the heavens.
No one till now is sure if they were thanking the heavens to send down the rain that ruins the car by making a mess of the dust on the windshields or to look for chances of more rain to come.
Let us forget about the latter atheists for now.
Maids who finished their work, waited till the sky cleared.
Forgot to carry umbrella, you see.

Chapter 5

Kids look out once and continue with their Temple Runs (man, he runs and slides and runs again…) or Candy Crush (hmm, you know what that one is) on their iOS or Android devices either handed over by their parents to keep them occupied or, in most cases, their own.
No excitement on the faces of kids.
Play not getting affected by rain at all.
As against,
Rain, No Play.

Chapter 6
And some more

Raine raine goe to Spain: faire weather come againe.

Not anymore.
Rain (noun), rain (a verb) as much as you want to.

“I wish… this would… last… forever”.

Chapter 7
Winged Ants

Rain in the highways within the city causes driving populace to panic.
Some drive good. Most drive better.
But they get hit from rear, mostly.
Slow reflexes, they say.
Non-fatal accidents resulting in dents and scratches soar like ‘winged ants on a damp night’.
Don’t know where I got that one from.
The winged ant thing…

Chapter 8

Then the whole rain-show is over within an hour or so.
But the skies remain cloudy for longer.
And the sun hesitates to shine.
Keeping hopes raised.

Chapter 9
And the Author

Sitting by the window with curtains parted wide.
iPad on the lap. (Ah, the role model!)
Freshly made Saffron tea sipped while reading about roots and shoots and all things irrelevant; assumed, imagined or virtual.
Or was it José Saramago?

Rain is often a nuisance, back in home town.
Rain is a celebration, at place of domicile.
The difference is about two thousand odd miles.

Home town or not, one asks oneself.
Would it rain tonight?

Tempting not to write…
clik… clik clik.. clik.