National Theater

The venue of many concerts… bathed in light
Bahrain National Theater near the National Museum.



Over the clouds

The shutter sounded much louder than usual.
We were flying.
Unsure whether the sound of the shutter or the or the partial opening of the blind woke the ones before and after.
Immaterial, as far as the passengers concerned were concerned.

Airline pilots often talk about the dazzling skies that present itself to them during early mornings and evenings.
One such scene was captured at the cost of pleasant sleep to few of co-passengers.
Major disaster was averted as the stewardesses switched on the lights as the Captain announced the beginning of the descend.
Passengers were forced to wake up.


Sunrises and sunsets when viewed from an aircraft cruising at about 30,000 feet changes by the second.
Flying over these clouds was what was seen next…


Windows were spotlessly clean rendering the picture spotlessly clean.

Fishing from the land


Freshly caught fish has become a rare commodity these days. Fishermen had complained about the polluted waters of the lake and the constant movement of international and naval vessels that disturb the fishes. But a few determined folks sure would ensure a decent catch using a ‘Cast net’ or ‘Throw net’. One can also see a Chinese net in the background…

Mountain of Smoke

Mountain of Smoke in the southern deserts of Bahrain
Mountain of Smoke in the southern deserts of Bahrain

The highest point in Bahrain is at 122 m known as Jebel Ad Dukhan meaning “Mountain of Smoke”. The setting sun was captured towards the southern desert near the Tree of Life. Orange spot at the bottom right of the photo is the flames resulting from the burning of excess natural gases from the nearby refinery.

Whiskered Tern

The day I met this lovely Whiskered Tern in Bristol Zoo was bright and sunny.


The Tern, who was the subject of the photoshoot, decided to ensure the final portrait comes out near perfect and did everything to it could. While it took some time to get ready for the final shoot, I waited patiently.





By the time the subject was ready for the final portraiture, it was still sunny but beginning to drizzle.


Terns do not have much of any natural predators, but their numbers are coming down due to human activities, including habitat loss, pollution, disturbance and predation by introduced mammals.


over the clouds

En route Kochi, India from Manama, Bahrain…
Something woke me up from the sleep which I could not remember now.
As I looked out of the window, the flight was cruising over the clouds.
In a distance, the dawn was breaking. Took out the camera and clicked.
Many of my fellow passengers woke up with the sound of the shutter.
Reminded me of MineSweeper game.
They went back to their sleep and then I knew a shutter will sound sweet only to the photographer.

Tulipa Rococo


A potted plant found by chance in a shopping mall brought so much positive change to the house.
Harsh sun almost blinded. Neutral coloured buildings added to the dullness.
But it all changed when the tulip came.
The fragile plant was sure to lose its fight sooner if left there. So time was borrowed for just long enough to have taken this shot and few more…