The Cannonball Tree, Couroupita guianensis, is deciduous and large, 50-80 feet in its native lands.  It is said to have special significance in the Buddhist religion.  The amazingly complex flower of the Cannonball Tree is also heavenly scented – a cross between a fine expensive perfume and a wonderful flower scent. The flowers are formed off unusual thick woody extensions that grow from the main brown scaly trunk bark of the tree and cascade down in large numbers. The reason the tree is called cannonball is after flowering, large brown fruit balls are formed in the size and shape of cannonballs.

Bahrain winter

Bahrain winters can be really pleasant. Petunias in white, pink, purple call out to the visitors about the coming of winter. Sunshines through the cool breeze and mothers insist their kids to wear “monkey caps” or less glamorous “skull caps”, much to the displeasure of kids. Caps often display a mismatch of initials as in their first names, but what choice do they have?