New boat

A brand new fishing boat..


and the crew.


Behind all those jokes and songs and relaxing
the life is tough.
A constant fight with the deep sea
where trawlers and purse-seine nets sweep the ocean clean
leaving nothing for the small-boat fishermen.

Fishing Port

Vizhinjam, a serene fishing village, lies about 2 km south of one of the most beautiful beaches, Kovalam.


Vizhinjam Fishing Harbour is a natural port which is about to be developed as a major port for which spade work is already in progress. It is the busiest fishing harbour in Thiruvananthapuram district in Southern India humming with activities all the days. The sight of hundreds of fishing boats crowding on the harbour is delighting.





The red and white striped, cylindrical shaped lighthouse maintains a towering structure. A destination for the international travellers, the lighthouse and the port has its own charm and splendour in the coast for its historical importance.