Buick Eight Sedan 1950

Priced at US$1909 for the four-door model, Buick was poised to give Plymouth a serious jolt in terms of sales back in 1949. Portholes, the VentiPorts, are seen on the front fenders: three for Supers and Specials. Windshields for the Super and Roadsters were one-piece units. Buick’s long-stroke, valve-in-head “Fireball” straight-eights still had  of appeal to its patrons as against the short-stroke, V-8 ones of Oldsmobile and Cadillac. Spotted near Adliya Post Office was this model.

Bahrain winter

Bahrain winters can be really pleasant. Petunias in white, pink, purple call out to the visitors about the coming of winter. Sunshines through the cool breeze and mothers insist their kids to wear “monkey caps” or less glamorous “skull caps”, much to the displeasure of kids. Caps often display a mismatch of initials as in their first names, but what choice do they have?