MyRefractions met Hamra Alam – a Fashion Designer, Creator, Teacher and the CEO of Lights Camera Fashion (LCF) at the authentic Indian Restaurant Lanterns en route Budaiya recently over subtle-spicy Punjabi Samoosas and tasteful Masala Tea… to discuss fashion, passion and the profession. The snacks were as wonderful as what Hamra had to share…


What is fashion to you?
“Fashion is a form of expression to me”, said Hamra. “Fashion takes a woman to the skies and beyond. Picking the inputs from culture so embedded in the minds and lives of people and using it in the expressions I try to create in itself forms a unique and fulfilling experience. I want the design to bring out the creativity within myself… and I am a practical designer who loves to work on Chiffons and Georgettes. The true essence of a woman with the design tones bringing out her deeper sensualities through the flowy materials… party with her moods and dance with her passions…. brings out her innocence, inner beauty and all feminity awaiting to be expressed. Clothing is the extension of one’s soul”.


A passion to share…
Red, a colour so closely associated with passion is being tried on enhancing and bringing out the cultural essence of fairytale dresses like the Abaya. Scarves are the other accessory that gets more focus these days apart from Abayas. Now these are designed in the Kingdom of Bahrain to other ardent women who are like fresh, cool breezes that flow around. The designs lead to titles and labels and to brands.

“At Hamra Alam’s LCF, we hand-hold the enthusiastic fervent beings to make their dreams come true. The teacher within Hamra Alam has brought out the confidence in many of her students who are now in various levels of training with some closer to have their own label branded”, says Hamra.


How Bahrain found you?
Hamra was in England when a tragic twist of fate took her autistic cousin away at a young age of 23. For a little girl of 6 who collected the colourful remnants of clothes from the fabrics her mother stitched to put together a dress for her rag doll; to an 8 year old who designed dress for her new born sister… the departing was too much to bear. After a year in the UK, Hamra returned to the Middle East this time to Bahrain as a Consultant and Cultural Advisor to a German Company. Lights Camera Fashion – LCF – was thus born in Bahrain keeping the cousin she had lost alive through the many charities she supports. LCF is a registered company in the United Kingdom in the year 2013. Finding the true meaning of life in teaching, inspiring, encouraging, and donating…

Special thoughts?
“Let your pencil take you for a walk”. Well, that mostly says everything that Hamra Alam’s vision stands for. With so much to give back to life, no one has the right to give up, says Hamra with a sparkle in her eye that outshines even the Noor-el-Ain.

A sketch of Hamra Alam by artist ‘ Mohsen’.

Hamra Alam’s expedition is beginning to reach higher destinations. She invites all to be a part of this exciting voyage which involves glittering fashion shows, catwalks displaying top creations from highly regarded designers, girls who overcame several odds to pursue their dreams, people in action behind the scenes, the charities, the causes supported and much more. Our journey will sure continue… Come, let us walk together.



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