The episode of total lunar eclipse, seen from Bahrain, started around 9.00PM local time on Wednesday 15 June 2011. Slightly dusty weather made visibility a bit low and a nagging breeze kept shaking the camera on the Pro 330DX SLIK tripod. Nikkor 70-300mm 4-5.6 was known to be inadequate to capture the beauty of the marvellous moments in that summer sky, granted. Even so, felt no harm in attempting a few shots.

All seemed to be normal till a faint shadow was spotted on the bottom left of the moon…  

And the faint shadow aint stayed that faint… it grew larger as seconds fell down and crashed to a thousand pieces… one by one.

And finally…


4 thoughts on “Eclipse

  1. Was feeling a bit low that I missed the eclipse….but after seeing your photos ….I feel as if I watched the real thing!!!! EXCELLENT PHOTOGRAPHY! YOU DESERVE A PAT ON YOUR BACK! 😉

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