Al Riwaq Art Space

A PHOTOGRAPHY exhibition entitled Same Same but Different is being held at Al Riwaq Art Space, Adliya, from February 1 to 24.

It stems from a workshop led by Lebanese photographer Camille Zakharia last April. Street corners, gas pipes, sofas and wheelbarrows were the source of information for photographers.

Participating artists will include Saji Antony, Roselyne Brault, Francine Burlet, Andrea Enaux, Loredana Mantello, Asma Murad, Stephanie Ravel and Loraine Todd Stewart.

The Exhibition

Asma Murad visually records different street corners in Gufool area Block 312, an old residential district in Manama, undergoing several changes within its urban landscape.

Ms. Asma Murad with Ghufool Street Corners

Saji Antony has photographed the same wall of a run-down house over an extended period. It is interesting to see the house’s social as well as private landscape change over time.

Exhibits by Mr. Saji Antony


The first day of the event was well attended…

With the President, Bahrain Arts Society


Visitors at the event


Same Same But Different is an emphasis on the need to document the banal; what we take for granted may or may not exist in the near future.

Visitors viewing the displayed exhibits

Another view of an exhibit on Ghutras…

Al Riwaq has a Gift Outlet and a Coffee Shop…


 And some nice place to really refresh…

A series of activities including a talk by curator Ms. Camille Zakharia will be conducted during the event’s opening.


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