Driving was a breeze contrary to what I thought. Granted. The lanes were narrow. Several John Deeres and tractor trailers were seen heading from the opposite direction. The drivers were courteous and ensured they step out of the asphalt while passing. Passing space were provided but not every now and then.

Breakfast was good. The thought of stopping for lunch did not cross my mind till late evening. Sky was still bright even at half past eight at night. Stopped at a village pub. Ambience of the village pub was warm and deep. Dinner was homely as mentioned in the menu.

The randomly arranged photos below was not initially intended to be part of any sort of travelogue. A collection by someone who dared to step out of his routine and attempted the adventure to explore areas of outstanding natural beauty… that is all. Drive of over a hundred miles around the villages and towns would not have been possible if not for the car. That explains the final shot. Enjoy!


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