Bait al Sheikh Salman

Beit in Arabic means a house.
The courtyard and the house were open during one of the visits towards sunset in late summer.
A few date palms silently swayed in the gentle breeze.
Stars in the sky soon outnumbered the ripened dates that were scattered in the courtyard.

Looked in to a well to see the glimmer of the water surface.
The house felt cool during that summer evening; lights, lit.
The air was solemn and commanded a deep respect for the place.
Such was the stillness.

Most of the time during the visit was spend in the yard and the terrace.
The rooms felt like a close part of the open space.
The house is located near the intersection of Sheikh Isa and Sheikh Salman avenue in Muharraq.
One of the many hidden gems in the Kingdom of Bahrain.