The Fog

Fog is a rare phenomenon is Bahrain.
Recently, fog descended upon the capital Manama.
While the traffic on the roads and highways resumed as normal, the Bahrain International Airport was closed.
Several flights were either diverted or cancelled.


Fog cleared, eventually.


The photographs were captured from West 23rd floor of the Bahrain World Trade Centre, Diplomatic Area. The old Manama city is now visible.


2 thoughts on “The Fog

    1. Cold air from west of the Urals over warm water causes evaporation until the point where the air becomes saturated. Fog forms and if the wind is light, it stays… Every night as temperatures drop inland, the fog creeps in. Daytime heat will send it back into the Gulf again. We do not have fog anymore but the temperature is around 14C though the days are sunny…



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