Stranger to stranger, with kindness

Alleys of the village
may not have the flourish of sophistication
urban-dwellers often take for granted.

all you get would be a smiling face
of a complete stranger.

An invite to a cup of tea.
And more than a few helpings of kind words.


Playful kids
that follow a wandering photographer
with an amusement
lacing their merry laughter.


Babies that coo for no reason whatsoever
and jump to reach for the camera lens,
often with their lavishly-salivated tiny fingers,
wondering what on earth is going on
in a world so new to them.


From one stranger
to the other.

Everyone, same-same
miles and miles away from their homes.
Homes, they call their home.

2 thoughts on “Stranger to stranger, with kindness

  1. I like those last lines. They ring so true for people across the world now. I’ve always wondered where my ‘home town’ was and had this feeling of not belonging anywhere. Now more and more people seem to be in that boat (or maybe I have only just begun to look beyond me!) And now the concept of home as a static place seems to be fading away. We’re all Gypsies now 🙂



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