Chartres Cathedral

Town of Chartres, the capital of the Eure-et-Loire department, lies about 50 miles SW of Paris on the Eure River, north central France. The famous Gothic cathedral was completed in the 13th century. The town was severely damaged in World War II, but since rebuilt.

The drive from Paris to Chartres was pleasant. At times, the highway allowed to cruise at 130 kmph legally. Wheat and Corn fields spread for miles in undulating geography. Unlike England, there were no much opportunities for a quick break as M&S shops were not seen en route. The town was worth exploring with its half timbered buildings that epitomises the beauty of medieval architecture.

By dusk, God makes the sun paint the Chartres Cathedral by its last rays to a rich golden hue.


As the sun goes further down, His creations strive to better that by bringing each stone on the cathedral alive by breathing life to every saint depicted. Laser lights precisely paint each single detail and then transform the entire building to a dazzling masterpiece even God would have wowed! Night fall happens after well after 10 PM.





From another angle…







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