Broken shells

Perhaps there is nothing more heartwarming than watching a young child run along the beach excitedly pointing out all the fabulous creatures and seashells that can be found along the seashore, and gathering up seashells. In many a child’s treasure chest, seashells adore a highly cherished place.

Even under the pretext of handing over to their kids later, many adults too pick a shell or two while they are at the beach. Act of picking a shell brings them untold memories from the hidden box of mind. The charm of a seashell could span from a mere souvenir to the sum of all reminiscences of the sea.


Now most of the shells might be broken and the rest, faded. But that would never bring the value of the treasure down in a child’s eyes…

Builders and developers extend the ground to the sea. Sandy beaches are a distant memory these day… even in the island country of Bahrain.



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