Tea, anyone?

Munnar came to be known to the outside world in the 1870s with the visit of the British Resident of the then Travancore kingdom John Daniel Munro. Munro, who visited the place as part of settling the border dispute between Travancore and the nearby state of Madras literally fell for the beauty of the region.

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The Munnar hill station, home to Kanan Devan Tea estates, is situated about 4800 feet above the sea level. The town, which still retains its colonial charm, has a large number of hotels to greet travelers. Virgin forests, savannahs, rolling hills, scenic valleys, numerous streams, waterfalls, sprawling tea plantations and winding walkways are attracting thousands every year.





For someone – anyone – who sees the beige-ish vastness of the desert and enjoys sandstorms more than occasionally in a year, Munnar offers an extra cooler experience that is unforgettable. A trek in the forest with the permission of the Forest Department officials accompanied by an experienced guide will lead you to the Thoovanam Falls.


One must only have to risk a few herds of Elephants and Bisons en route.


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