Aqua Fish Farm


Njarakkal Aqua Tourism project by Matsyafed is a huge 125 hectare brackish water fish farm. The farm is located about 15 kilometres north of Kochi in a village called Njarakkal or Narakkal. It has four culture ponds along with three nurseries. The fish farm almost lies inside the lake of Vembanad. The major type of fishes found in the farm includes Prawns, Karimeen (Pearlspot), Mullets, Tilapia, Crab , Green Shell Mussels. It is a popular Eco tourism project by the Matsyafed.




Njarakkal Aqua farm offers numerous facilities for spending a complete day there. Starting with a walk along the perimeter of the farm among cool breeze and swaying green coconut palm leaves enjoying the many songs rendered by the birds. Rowing boats awaits you near the entrance to the farm. The water itself is shallow as indicated by the farm staff but one can ask for a life vest. Remember to carry the improvised fishing rod with a rod connected to a hook with a nylon string and a handful of bait.




Come back from the boating and relax on hammocks, swings or benches on the bunds under the shady coconut trees. This tourist centre is a big aqua farm where you can enjoy beauty as well as learn some thing new about farming and fishes. You can learn a little about shrimp farming when you enjoy with your family alongside this big fish farm.

Privacy of this place is worth mentioning. It assures privacy to visitors and the panoramic beauty rejuvenates the soul. You can even go for a boat ride through this large lagoon and enjoy the peaceful and serene nature of this place. You can buy fresh fish caught from these waters and if you fancy it, you can get it cooked for your lunch. Cooks from the farm would cook your catch for you if you desire to do so.

Thambi and his friend was seen mending their net for that night. Unlike the previous day, they had high hopes that they will be getting a bigger catch.


The kids returning from nearby school wanted to have their photographs taken. As the clouds lingered reducing the light, the camera needed a change in settings. “Quick, please”, they shouted. They did not want to stop.


Just then remembered the tea at 4PM. As we were about to leave the farm and its friendly staff, rain started. Rest of the drive was in the downpour…


2 thoughts on “Aqua Fish Farm

  1. ” brackish water” – No wonder the use tilapia there, a fish well adapted to brackish water conditions. I have often argued that a natural pond situation like the one you describe is a natural aquaponikcs or permaculture environment without the need to worry about the right ratio of nitrifying bacteria etc. Nature will take care of itseld and I hope more eco tourists will eventually spread the word and get reconnected to “source”.



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