One evening at Riffa Fort

Recently renovated Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort popularly known by the name Riffa Fort near the beautiful Hunanaiya Valley is often the playground for local children who seems to never cease to get excited in front of any camera.


In fact, this photo was a result of the insistence of those who would not allow the exit without a snap or two. Here you will see them posing for the photos… Surrounded by desert, this fort is one of the best places to feel the intensity of the wind that blows over the desert sand at night. One can also enjoy a gahwa or a karak tea and Bahraini snacks on the terraces of Saffron Cafe during the warmer days…


2 responses

  1. It’s funny that children love to pose for photographs which they are never likely to see. I wonder why that is?


    August 3, 2014 at 13:03

    • They did insist on seeing their photos on the on-camera display 🙂 but somehow they were content with that… I had almost asked their emails.


      August 21, 2014 at 17:40


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