Black Heron

Close to the heels of the Sandpiper whom I was shooting last Friday, in 42 deg C by the beach, there appeared a Black Heron. The heron stood majestically over the shallow waters on its long legs. Catching fish in the receding waters seemed to be its intention. The heron gracefully crouched among the rocks like a Bengal Tiger. Amazingly, the long legs were bend so skilfully and the body almost touched the surface of the water. Though he looked towards the camera several times, he chose to ignore the lens altogether. Patience paid of several times but since I was distracted by the Sandpiper, I missed more than one opportunity to capture the fish catching moment. At one point of time, he ruffled his lovely, shiny black feathers. Seasoned ornithologists would have no difficulty in explaining such behaviours. There were swimmers in the shallow waters. Heron was nonchalant and maintained his posture till he decided to gracefully fly away…










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