Golden Peak

Ponmudi (Golden Peak), a hill resort close to the sea is idyllic with narrow, winding pathways and cool, green, wooded environs. Located at about 915 ft above the sea level, Ponmudi is home to many beautiful mountain flowers, exotic butterflies, springs and rivulets. The region is also occupied by spice and tea plantations and is dotted with waterfalls and view points. This hill destination is ideal for long walks and treks. Driving up the Ponmudi Hills could be seen as a chore by those drivers who detest sharp hairpin bends, gurgling streams that flow right across the road or underneath wooden bridges, narrow sections almost darkened by the forest and steep gorges that start almost from the edge of the road which itself does not care to offer any protection to anyone less than sharp. But for the others, the drive is enjoyable as much as the cool breeze and descending mist at the top. Fresh grass tips on the meadows still hold the morning dew that reluctantly melts as the day progress. Visitors can choose to stay in granite cottages that blends with the nature and explore the mist-laden valleys and the rich flora and fauna of the mountains at their leisure.













4 thoughts on “Golden Peak

  1. What a lovely travelogue. The pictures say it all! What motivates you to travel thus? I remain apprehensive that beautiful havens like this would soon get commercialised and lose their charm.



    1. Thanks for the kind words and for visiting… now for the motivation to travel… guess it’s the desire to be a momentary part of our fast vanishing world… before they lose all their charms.
      i like your writing and you got a nice blog.


    1. Yes, indeed…the misty meadows mostly have a cool climate all through he year… rain followed by mild sunshine. I visited this place during the month of August… shortly after the monsoons.



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