Sea shells of Seef

Walking along the beach picking up seashells and sealife has been enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world. There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a young child run along the beach for hours on end excitedly pointing out all of the fabulous creatures and seashells that can be found along the seashore, and gathering up seashells to listen into.

The beach near Seef west-end, although strewn with rocks, are one place to visit on serene Friday mornings. Water is cool normally and one can actually see the tide coming in.

Shells are aplenty, which makes it a haven for the daughter, 10, who carries a load of them back home only to be thrown away by the ‘Internal Affairs’.

Many people pick up a seashell or two while on vacation at the beach. It makes a nice inexpensive memento of their vacation. The problems do not occur until they realize that if not cleaned properly, seashells can have a devastating effect. Many times seashells actually look considerably nicer without any algae and barnacles covering them. The natural color of seashells are often quite different from what you find at the beach. A good cleaning is all that is needed to bring this out and destroy any odors the seashells might have.



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