Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog with a dense-coated. It’s a working dog breed that originated in eastern Siberia, belonging to the Spitz genetic family. It is recognizable by its thickly-furred double coat, sickle tail, erect triangular ears and distinctive markings.

An active, energetic and resilient dog whose ancestors came from the extremely cold and harsh environment of the Siberian Arctic, it was imported into Alaska during the Nome Gold Rush and spread from there into the United States and Canada, initially as a sled dog. The Siberian Husky rapidly acquired the status of a family pet and a show-dog, no longer as much used as a sled dog as formerly; today it has been largely replaced in dogsled racing by crossbreds.

Siberians are still popular in races restricted to purebreds and are faster than other pure sleddog breeds such as the Samoyed and Alaskan Malamute. Today the Siberian Husky tends to divide along lines of “racing” Siberians versus “show” Siberians.

I met this warm, crisp one in a private zoo in Bahrain. He was kept so clean and the fur was soft. Though we were meeting for the first time, he did not give me a feeling of being a stranger. Was he excited? You bet.



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